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Whether you're relocating or resizing, making a first-time or move-up home purchase, our professionalism and commitment to finding your dream home will ensure a smooth and successful transaction. We take the traditional values of listening, learning, loyalty and respect in a new direction…by going beyond the MLS, we ensure unparalleled responsiveness and tenacious follow-through that utilizes creative negotiation strategies.

Portside's real estate agents become your advocate throughout the buying process. We do the groundwork to find a short list of homes which meet your needs in order to save your valuable time and for you to enjoy the experience of selecting your home.

We'll negotiate tirelessly!

Our resourceful and respectful approach to negotiation exceeds simply finding the right price. By applying creative methods and working diligently, we achieve terms and conditions that work for our clients.

Are you relocating?

If you are relocating to southern Maine, please contact Portside and request a detailed relocation package.

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