Moving a Dog to Your New Home – Checklist

Are you a dog owner who will be looking for a new home in Maine? Well, there's good and bad news. On the plus side, there are plenty of pet-friendly properties you would be able to rent or buy in Maine. As for the bad news, your moving experience is about to become a lot more complicated as there are many steps that need to be taken to make the move a smooth one for your furry friend. In this infographic created by Moving FC, you can learn about specific preparation steps that should be taken before, during, and after the move.

Before You Move Before you make the big move, make sure you spend time doing the appropriate research. For example, while creating a shortlist of homes, you need to find out if building management allows for dog ownership. Some pet-friendly homes may even require you to register the dogs first. If you are struggling with this particular part then it's not a bad idea to reach out to a real estate agent as they already have that sort of information nailed down.

During the Move While the move is taking place, try and keep to the regular routine. For example, if you walk your dog twice daily, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, then try and keep to that schedule. If you aren't available then ask for help from friends or family members. If no one is available to take care of your dog, our recommendation is to simply check him or her into a pet hotel or a dog kennel.

After the Move Once you have moved in, make sure you give your dog plenty of time to explore the new area. Don't let your dog immediately explore the whole home. Keep your dog in one room and make the home introduction gradual. This could help reduce the amount of stress your dog feels from being in a totally unfamiliar environment. As a responsible dog owner, there are steps that need to be taken to make the moving experience as stress-free as possible for the dogs. Start your search now by providing a Maine real estate agent with details of your dream home.